LSSPI is one of Texas’ oldest paranormal teams, having been formed in 1997 and gained a web presence starting in 1998. Their work has been documented in many books, magazines, local and national TV shows and local, national and internet radio interviews since 1997. Lone Star Spirits are available for classes, investigations, speaking engagements, as well as, consultations for television projects. Lone Star Spirits uses high tech equipment like thermal imaging cameras, surveillance equipment, motion triggered cameras, triggered ir cameras, as well as many hand held apparatus (EMF, Trifield Naturals, Anemometers, Air Ion Counters and on Site weather stations) to detect the atmospheric changes during an event and the causes of experiences reported in homes and commercial properties…. with a mixture of this technical data along with Parapsychology principles, and some mediumistic work, Lone Star will get to the cause of your problem.

Pete Haviland is Lone Star Spirits Lead investigator,President and is an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He has had success with clients in haunting cases in removing fears, anxieties, and psychological triggers that have caused either possible poltergeist activity, or hypersensitivity, due to subconscious triggering mechanisms. Pete is a co-founding member of Paranormal Research Organization (PRO) with Loyd Auerbach, An investigator with the Office of Paranormal Investigations, American Ghost Society Representative for NW Texas, and owner of The Supernatural Radio Network( ). Peter has over 25 years of field experience in the paranormal and is a founding member of LSSPI.

Lone Star has a team of investigators, with many varied professional backgrounds,  that can offer their expertise, advice and opinion on what is happening at your location.

Please contact us for your home issues, commercial issues, or if you need a consultant on your project.

What goes on during an investigation? What have we found? Well, have a look! Click on “LSSPI Investigations” in Categories on the side bar on the right. >>>

Reports on publicly haunted places will be added when we are at liberty to add them. We are no longer adding reports for private residences, however, we do handle many private residences every month and believe in protecting our clients right to privacy. The couple of residences we do have posted are older cases and have permissions on file.

NOTE: Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations does not support nor condone the unlawful entry into any building for investigative purposes. There are quite a number of reasons for this. Safety and personal injury, destruction of private property, vandalism, possible other criminal activity and it’s against the law. Although you might have not done all of these or any of these you have to understand that when the public sees this happening it gives a bad name to all ghost hunters and paranormal investigators and then you have guilt by association, therefore it makes it harder on us to obtain the proper authority to legally go in and investigate. Please bear this in mind when e-mailing us with a tale that includes illegal entry, or any other illegal activity.

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