Spaghetti Warehouse

WE HAVE VISITED the Spaghetti Warehouse twice in the past year. There are several stories about the history of the location on Commerce street in downtown Houston. Until recent decades the building served as a pharmaceutical warehouse, and before that was a cotton storage facility. The structure itself is over a century old. According to tradition, the owner of the pharmaceutical warehouse was working late one night, and was somehow killed in the elevator. The tradition also says that his wife comes back looking for him.

Most of the activity is limited to the second floor. Busboys, waiters and dishwashers have reported table arrangements changing spontaneously, dishes and silverware flying off of the racks in the kitchen, and a lady in white. Late night crews sometimes feel that they are being watched from the second floor stairs. Employees there, also reports that chairs will be stacked on top of the tables nearly all the way up to the cieling.

Our first investigation provided only one photograph of mist in the elevator. Our second trip, about 9 months later, provided us with an anomalous EMF spike to around 5 in the middle of a small second floor dining room. A picture taken at that time came back with a vortex. A second spike in the main dining area on the second floor prompted another photograph, and the photo contained another vortex.

LSS spent the night at Spaghetti Warehouse on October 31, 2003 along with FM radio station 93 Q-Country. They wanted to help us document the paranormal activity that has been reported at this restaurant for quite a while, and so we paired up with them and gave them a crash course on paranormal evidence gathering. On our team, one of our psychics (who is very talented and gifted) could feel several presence’s at different times of the evening on the second floor. When we had all our equipment up and running, we took a tour of the building. One of our techs escorted two of 93 Q’s dj’s all over the building, including the roof.

By the end of the tour, they were pretty sure, that something was there, watching them. By morning, we all had experienced something not of this world, photos, videos and tapes are still being reviewed.

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Santa Fe Residence

SANTE FE, TX ~ This was brought to our attention by member David Zacher. The residents are his relatives. Activity reported includes moving objects, apparitions, defacement of “prayer candles”, phantom footsteps, and the general heebie-jeebies in parts of the property. David’s grandfather lives with them and has been diagnosed with a mental disorder. They also have 2 pre- or early- teenaged boys living in the home. They are the first owners of the home and there were no structures on the land prior to their home. During the period of colonization the area was the stomping grounds of the Karankawa Indians, a cannibalistic tribe. Research into their habits has revealed that they would prolong the death of their captives, resulting in a torturous death. There are a few other possible causes for the residence to be haunted. in short, to find the source of the phenomena, just give us a dart board.

Pete Haviland, Carolyn Phinny, and David Zacher were present for the first investigation. EVP was captured during this investigation and Pete heard the footsteps coming down the hall. During the night Pete entered the bathroom and saw that the floor was clear. Moments later he heard something fall in there and returned to find a dry bar of soap in the middle of the floor.

Katie, Dean, Pete, Carolyn and David were present for the second investigation. More EVP and Photos were captured. Katie found a necklace that appeared in the middle of the bathroom floor in the same manner as the soap in the first investigation. David witnessed a piece of dinnerware slide from the back of the cupboard, over the lip, and on to the counter. We were not able to verify that the cabinet was properly leveled, however it would have to have been severely off-kilter for the dish to slide past the lip, and it did not appear to be so severely slanted.

Rosharon Cemetery

THIS CEMETERY OUTSIDE of Rosharon, Texas has literally dozens of unmarked graves. Unmarked graves are easily distinguished by the elongated depressions in the ground, especially if you have several next to each other. Several of the unmarked graves are contained in the wooded expanse behind the main part of the cemetery. Past investigations by a Fort Bend County independent have produced many anamalous photographs and spectacular EVP. The EVP caught includes the phrase, “What are all these people doing here?”

Emotions reported most by the team were mostly serenity, great peace. We did not record any EVP that night, but we did get a few photographs.

Poppet’s Way

MOST OF YOU MAY BE familiar with the history of the Newport Subdivision and the street called “Poppet’s Way” in Crosby. For those who aren’t, here is a synopsis:

Until the 1960’s or 70’s the land was owned by one family. They had been plantation owners prior to the Civil War, and had free blacks for hired hands afterward. The owners deeded a few acres of land for their hands to use as a burial ground. When the property was sold, the burial plots were sold with it, and the seller apparently made no mention of the potter’s field to the buyer. Eyewitness testimony also exists that implies that the buyer should have known of its existence any way. Apparently when they cleared the land they bulldozed several wooden crosses and a picket fence. The first people to put a house above the old cemetery were Ben and Jean Williams. They noticed the strange sink holes in their backyard, but thought nothing of it. They endured strange insect infestations and animal behavior, then they began to see and be chased by black forms. When their neighbors unearthed 2 bodies while digging a swimming pool, they realized what was going on. They have since moved out of the state and written a book about their experience called the “Black Hope Horror.”

Our first investigation began late on the 14th of November, 1998. When we found the correct end of the street, we noticed a negativity that was not present elsewhere in the subdivision. We proceeded into the woods beyond the barracade at the east end of the street. about 200 yards into the woods we spotted one of the black figures reported by the Williamses. The only way to describe it is black-on-black. Terri Higgins and Dean Phillips were standing only about 10 feet from it but they didn’t spot it. Pete Haviland, Nichole Dobrowolski and Katie Phillips spotted it immediatly. Pete made eye-contact with it and felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. He, Nichole and Katie immediately left the area. By the time they had reached the street Pete was doubled-over in pain. We left soon afterwards. Pete’s photographs revealed 2 hazy black figures, and they would be posted here but they don’t scan well. He nicknamed them Bob Duckandcover and Bob Jr.

Our second investigation was conducted during the Christmas season with Dean, Katie, Nichole and her husband, Jeff. We did not see, sense or document any paranormal phenomena at that time.

Our third investigation occured a month later. Present were Dean, Katie and Terri, and the black figures were back. Katie spotted several of them circling the group as soon as the sun began to set. Then she noticed Dean standing stock-still, staring at something. She turned to see what he was staring at and spotted 2 of them staring back at him. Neither said a word at that time. Later comparison of notes revealed that they had seen the exact same thing. Dean left to borrow Terri’s camera to photograph them and when he returned they had ducked behind some foliage. Terri’s photographs revealed nothing unusual. Katie’s camera malfunctioned during the investigation. We left soon afterwards.

Current residents claim no paranormal activity in their homes, but we have been contacted by one person who lived across the street from the old Williams home and she said she constantly felt as though she was being watched. We have also been contacted by a peace officer who used to patrol the area. According to him, the agency responsible for keeping the peace in the Newport Subdivision sometimes gets false alarms from the homes on the east end of Poppet’s Way. They’ll respond to the call only to find no one in the house, nothing amiss and the television set turning itself on and off.

Old Towne Spring

MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT Uncle Charlie who haunts Wunsche Brothers Cafe, but we went to Old Towne Spring seeking the unknown spirits. We found them.

Spring began in the late 1800s as a railroad town. The depot that was once there is gone, but the tracks are still in use. During the 70s the Spring Cafe began serving hamburgers that drew people from Houston and points farther away. Before too long, an enterprising young person got the bright idea to open a gift shop next door to give people something to do during their 1 hour+ wait. And the shopping district known as Old Towne Spring was born. Very few of the buildings on these streets are original to their location, but most are well over a century old and were relocated from nearby farms and towns. I will cover the ghosts location-by-location.

White Hall: White Hall is one of the few structures that is original. During the early half of this century it was the Klein Funeral Home. During this period a pair of lovers were killed in an auto accident and their bodies were brought here. It is said that you can see them on the balcony sometimes. Our investigation yielded nothing on the still camera, but the infrared video caught an orb moving out of a fireplace and out of the frame. Apparently this same fireplace is the entrance to a secret room that has either been sealed, or everyone has forgotten how to open it.

Thyme Square: In the back of Thyme Square is the Civil War Museum, and on an annual basis, a battle is re-enacted nearby. Apparently ghostly phenomena occurs during these re-enactment’s. During the investigation, psychic Lorraine Ross detected the spirit of a disfigured Civil War Veteran in the square, just watching us. One still photo taken at this time revealed an orb.

Spring Souvenir/Shirley’s Cat House: we were told that this building was original when we first examined it, but after interviewing the man who moved most of the buildings there, apparently it is not. This information was corroborated by Lorraine Ross. The inhabitants claim the ghost of a little girl, but both Lorraine and Dean Phillips detected the presence of an older girl who was murdered in the building. In separate “readings” they gave similar information that leads us to believe that she had seen something she shouldn’t have and was trying to escape her assailant when he caught and killed her. We will attempt to discover where this structure came from.

Puffabelly’s: This depot was originally located in Lovelady, TX. During its time as an active depot, two trains came down the same tracks headed in opposite directions. The signalman tried to warn the nearest by running out onto the tracks but he slipped and fell onto them and was decapitated by the train. His body was brought into the depot, and for years his ghost was reported on the tracks in Lovelady. When the depot moved, he may have come with it. Photos are not yet developed, but during our most recent investigation unusual shadows were spotted in the second floor window. The story we got may be no more than urban legend (certainly sounds like one), so we will give you new information as we find it.

Zwink House: This house was originally located off of Stuebner-Airline about 4 miles from its current location. It is undergoing restoration and currently sits out on the lot behind Puffabelly’s. Legend has it that at least one murder has occurred in the house, but this is merely legend. Our own senses seem to tell us that murder is just the beginning. We have been given the names of some descendants of the family that built this house and will probably have more information at a later date, but here’s how the investigation went.

1st investigation: We remained outside the house. Pete caught several moving orbs in a still photo of the woodpile next to it.

2nd investigation: We still remained outside the house. Pete caught moving orbs on the infrared camera. No camera was taking a picture and the flashlight had been turned off. Lorraine Ross did a reading on the house and detected more than one death, one of a child of a snake bite, the other of a college student having an illicit affair with the owner’s wife. She gave other details about the house’s history which have been confirmed by the man who relocated the house.

3rd investigation: We entered the house (with permission!!). Dean Phillips, Pete Haviland and David Zacher attempted to ascend the stairs into the second level. When Dean reached to top of the stairs he scanned it with the infrared camera and then took several still. Or at least he tried to. He took three and then the camera refused to focus. Tow of the 3 he took revealed orbs. His foot began sinking through the floor and they came back down. We then left and placed 2 tape recorders near openings in the building. One recorder caught an anomalous whistle. While discussing what to do next we noticed a shadow in the second floor window, watching us. Photographs taken at the time revealed several orbs and at least one mist.

4th investigation: We entered the house again. This time we left a tape recorder in the house and captured the sound of something falling in the building. There are other unusual noises on the tape but we are in the process of ruling out natural causes. Photos are now available.

Rose’s Cafe: There is a rocking chair in the cafe that reportedly rocks by itself. A friend of the owner died in the chair. The chair is not on runners, it uses an old spring assembly to rock. At times the owner would find the chair tilted as far back as it would go without tipping, as if someone was kicking back in it, then the chair would flop forward as if that person had just stood up to say hello. The chair now sits against the wall so that it can’t rock and scare the guests. Also, the keyless deadbolt will lock itself when no one is in the building. It’s an old lock and needs grease, so it wouldn’t accidentally slip into the locked position. In fact, it takes some effort to actuate it. During our investigation we secured the building from the outside and left a video camera recording in the front room. It was focused on a table and chair with assorted items placed on them hoping to catch poltergeist activity. A piece of paper did get flicked as if someone had just walked by, but even more amazing, we caught the sound of the deadbolt actuating. Over and over it was locked and unlocked, locked and unlocked. Several times during our investigation of Old Towne Spring the owner of Rose’s has had his ghost lock him out in this manner.

New Caney Residence

THE RESIDENTS OF THIS HOUSE have experienced paranormal phenomena nearly everywhere they lived. In this home they have at least 2 entities that have been identified as George, the former caretaker, and Joe Ryder, the former owner’s late husband. George seems to prefer the barn and Joe likes to bang on the outside of the house and play jokes inside.
Our investigation is not entirely complete at this location. We anticipate at least one more trip. During our investigation we witnessed/experienced the following:

Cold and hot flashes, sensation of being watched, disorientation and confusion, and unexplained humanoid shadows.

We took the following equipment:

Standard 35mm cameras with Kodak and/or Fuji color film, 800 speed or better.
2 Sony shoebox recorders with external microphones, 90 minute high-quality unused tapes.
Sony nightshot infrared video camera and new tape.
EVP results are inconclusive. Photos revealed several orbs and mists. Infrared video caught several orbs in motion in the old chicken coop.

Please do not contact us and ask for the location of the residence or the names of the residents. Client confidentiality is always assured.

Lockhart, Texas

Special thanks to Martin Leal and Alamo City Paranormal for inviting us along on this investigation. We thoroughly enjoyed it.
THIS BUILDING WAS ONCE the old jailhouse and was in use until the early 1980’s. In its early history, hangings were actually conducted on the grounds. Reported spirits include former prisoners, the jailer and his wife.

Present for the investigation from Lone Star Spirits were Pete Haviland, Carolyn Phinny and Joe Perez.

Observations made by our team:

Unexplained smells of floral perfume, urine and feces.
Equipment used:
Standard 35mm camera with Kodak/Fuji color 800 speed film or better
Sony Nightshot video camera
Sony shoebox recorder with external microphone and new 90 minute high-quality tape.
One vortex and one orb on still shots, and several moving orbs captured in one old cell that had been sealed for the investigation and some unexplained bangings and sounds of gunshots.

Presidio La Bahia

The History of Presidio La Bahia: This is by no means a complete history of the Presidio and chapel, but you will get the basics.

The Presidio La Bahia and Our Lady of Loreto Chapel were constructed in 1722 on the original site of LaSalle’s doomed Fort St. Louis in what is now Port Lavaca. Port Lavaca is close to the midway point on the Texas Gulf Coastline. Moved from their original location once already, they were finally brought to their current location in 1749 by Escandon. The Presidio La Bahia is the oldest standing fort west of the Mississippi. Its original purpose was to guard the interests of the Spanish Crown against Native American and French attackers. The chapel of Our Lady of Loreto was included in the current structure to serve the religious needs of the soldiers stationed there. La Bahia never served as a mission. It did not need to, for you can look across the San Antonio river to the northwest and see the Mission Espiritu Santo, now on the grounds of Goliad State Park.

Middle History:
The Presidio and the chapel were used by settlers and soldiers as first Spain, and then Mexico, colonized the area.

The Texas Revolution:
In December of 1835 the Texans took control of the fort under George Collingsworth with Ben Milam in attendance. A premature Declaration of Independence was signed at this time. A formal Declaration was drafted and signed a few weeks later at a different location.

Col. James Walker Fannin
Raised by his maternal grandfather in Marion, GA, Fannin was a former student of the US Military Academy at West Point. He and his wife settled in Velasco, TX in 1834. Fannin was accustomed to dealing with professional soldiers, not a volunteer militia. This lack of experience caused much respect to be lost between him and his troops, the majority of whom were volunteers. In February of 1836 he took control of La Bahia and renamed it “Fort Defiance”. But Santa Anna was marching into Texas with a superior force, and had sent his brother-in-law, Urrea, to take Goliad and the surrounding area. Sam Houston ordered Fannin to retreat to Victoria and raize the presidio to prevent the Mexican forces from fortifying their supplies. Fannin had sent several of his troops off to aid Refugio and on scouting missions. Unbeknownst to him, most had been captured or killed by Urrea’s force.

Fannin’s tenure as a military commander is marked with indecision. It caused him to fail to aid Travis at the Alamo, and it caused him and his troops to be captured. He delayed his retreat until Urrea had taken the town of Goliad to the northwest. During their retreat to Victoria they were plagued with mechanical difficulties and eventually Fannin decided to make camp in the open prairie. A few more miles would have provided him and his men with the safety of trees and the convenience of water from Coleto Creek. It was here that Urrea caught them. The Battle of Coleto ended on March 20, 1836 with Fannin’s surrender. Fannin and his men were marched back to the Presidio and imprisoned, detained as prisoners of war (or so they thought). Analysis of official documents indicates that they surrendered their fate to the whim of the government of Mexico, and Santa Anna was not known for mercy. Fannin and several dozen of his men had been wounded in battle, but most were in perfect condition. On Palm Sunday (March 27, 1836) the wounded were ushered into the quadrangle of the Presidio and the uninjured were marched into a nearby field. Those who were uninjured thought they were being marched to Mexico City. The wounded probably thought they were being let out for excercise. Then, without warning, on the orders of Santa Anna himself, the Mexican troops opened fire. Fannin was reportedly forced to watch as the wounded were cut down like chattel. The men in the field were caught in a crossfire.
When the Mexican troops ran out of ammunition, they began stabbing anyone who appeared to be alive with bayonets. Fannin knew his time was up so he requested that he be shot in the chest, that his watch be returned to his family and that he be given a Christian burial. The Mexican forces did not honor any of his requests. His watch was stolen by a Mexican officer and Fannin, along with approximately 320 of his men, were left to the vultures.

Fannin’s watch was recovered by a Texan at the Battle of San Jacinto and his last wish was honored then. Texan forces returned to Goliad and buried Fannin and his troops in a mass grave to the east of the Presidio, a short distance from where the uninjured were murdered. The numbers are vague, but approximately 35 of Fannin’s troops escaped the Presidio with their lives. Many of them owed their lives to a woman whose true identity remains vague, but she is known as the “Angel of Goliad”. Our best guess is that she was the wife of Colonel Alavez and that she had begged him for their lives.

March 27, 1836 is known as the blackest day in Texas history. The loss of life at the Goliad Massacre is greater than that of the Alamo, and at the Alamo, they knew they would probably die.

History of Hauntings at the Presidio La Bahia
Information found in Ghosts Along the Texas Coast by Docia Schultz-Williams
Haunting Phenomena reported in the presidio includes:
Cold spots in the living quarters, sounds of babies crying near the chapel, sounds of a woman’s choir also near the chapel, a short friar appears in front of the chapel doors and wanders the quadrangle, a woman in white appears in front of the chapel and searches the unmarked graves, a soprano voice has been heard singing in the museum and organ music too, a woman in black has been spotted by the candle offerings inside the chapel, passersby in automobiles have reported seeing a ghostly form in their vehicle as they cross the nearby San Antonio river, the lights have been seen burning late at night, and strange mumbling voices have been heard outside the chapel.

Although the most violent activity in the presidio’s history occurred in the quadrangle, the majority of the activity appears to be concentrated in the small courtyard infront of the church which is separated from the quadrangle by a wall. How fortunate for us that our quarters opened directly onto this courtyard!

Inspection of the visitors log also indicates that the ghosts like to bang on the walls and doors of the guest/living quarters.

La Bahia Report
Present were: Katie and Dean Phillips, Pete Haviland, Carolyn Phinny and Joe Perez

We arrived at 1:00 pm on January 1, 2000, giddy as school kids at the thought of having the run of such a significant structure for the night. The museum and grounds had been closed all day for the New Year’s holiday and would not reopen until 9 the next morning. We took EMF readings of the entire grounds and found nothing abnormal since most of the readings fell into the .1-.2 milligauss range with nothing above .7. Pete reported the smell of death in the southeast corner. During a short trip to the grocery store for supplies we set up EVP. Before the sun set completely we took a short drive to the site where Col. Fannin and the other victims of the Goliad Massacre were buried to pay our respects.

After sunset we set up EVP again on the grounds. Although the chapel was locked, we were able to set a microphone inside the large and old lock. As the microphone was being placed inside, Joe was taking video and apparently has a voice saying, “Doesn’t fit.” Some of the sounds caught on tape are furniture being moved inside the church, and the lock being actuated. At 11pm Pete and Dean were outside, and as they looked out of the chapel courtyard into the quadrangle they noticed a strange, thick mist gathering in the southeast corner of the quadrangle (where Pete had smelled death earlier). Dean reported a sense of something building, and that in about 30 minutes, something would happen. At 11:30 all team members were in the chapel courtyard again gathering EVP equipment when Pete happened to look into the quadrangle. Katie felt a need to NOT look into the quadrangle. Suddenly Pete froze and just stared. We returned to the quarters and Pete was visibly affected by something he didn’t want to discuss. Dean, Katie and Joe entered the quadrangle to retrieve the IR video camera, and Katie had the distinct impression that there were bodies on the ground. When they returned, Pete informed them that what he had seen was the aftermath of the Goliad Massacre. He gave details on some of what he’d seen, such as, “some of them weren’t old enough to shave!” All of the bodies had been decaying for a few days.

At about 1 am we all tried to get some sleep. Dean and Katie slept in the first room, which has a door that leads to the courtyard. Not 5 minutes after they laid down, the door began banging. The wind was blowing that night, but this was a solid wood door (very heavy) with very little play (less than 1/4 inch). Dean continued to try to sleep, Katie went to the other bedroom where Pete, Carolyn and Joe were discussing the evening’s findings. She informed them about the door in her room. A few minutes later Pete felt the bed rise underneath him (it is important to note here that there is a cross scratched into the wall behind the headboard, and a rumor that someone is buried underneath it). We were exhausted at this point and needed some sleep. We were done with the investigation, but the ghosts weren’t done. When we heard the sound of horse hooves approaching the door from the living room to the courtyard we determined that there was only one way any of us was going to get any rest. The door in Dean and Katie’s room had calmed down, but as Joe approached it, it banged again. At 2am all 5 paranormal investigators were sound asleep… in their cars.

Other experiences that night included strange mumblings in the guest quarters and a humanoid shadow moving behind the well in the quadrangle.

This haunting is both intelligent and residual. The banging on Katie & Dean’s door was in response to the living, the voice heard on Joe’s tape was commenting on activity as it was happening, and past reports indicate that the friar that was seen becomes aggressive which indicates intelligent interaction with the living. The vision that Pete saw, the horse hooves in the courtyard, and some of the EVP captured that night indicate that there is also a residual haunting in effect. This means that so much emotional energy has been expended that when the conditions are right, the events play over again for those who can perceive them. There is no intelligence behind those aspects of the haunting.

Lone Star Spirits would like to thank the director and staff of the Presidio La Bahia for allowing us to absorb such an important piece of Texas history. La Bahia is not maintained by any agency of the State of Texas and receives all of its funding from sales, admissions, use fees, and private donations. We encourage everyone reading this account to pay a visit to the presidio and help them in their mission to preserve this state treasure for all of the children of Texas, so they will always “Remember Goliad!”

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KLOL – Radio Station

IN AUGUST OF 1999, we got in touch with Chuck Shramek of Rock 101 KLOL. He responded that he and several late night DJs had had some strange experiences in the booths of one of Houston’s oldest rock stations. Manifestations ranged from poltergeist activity to full apparitions. Poltergeist activity was described as desk-mounted phones jumping off their hooks and landing 3 feet away, stuffed animals walking along shelves, or jumping off of the shelf. Visual manifestations included strange and unexplained shadows appearing out of nowhere, and a disappearing hispanic woman dressed like a cleaning lady.

History: The radio station is in Montrose, one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods. The building sits on the site of one of the old Jones family (of Jones Hall fame) homes. The Joneses were a powerful, wealthy and respected part of Houston society in the early 1900s. In recent decades the Montrose area has had its share of violent crime, and at least one murder and one violent rape have occured on the premises. The building also houses an AM news radio station that we will remain unidentified.

First visit:
Other than unexplained and sudden drops in temperature, the early part of the evening was uneventful. EMF readings were sporadic, but considering the sheer quantity and power of the electronic equipment involved in a radio broadcast, it’s hard to eliminate “natural” causes. In attendance were Terri Higgins, Pete Haviland, Carolyn Phinny, Katie Phillips and Joe Perez. Also present was Laurie Kendrick, a morning show DJ. After about 3 hours we were packed and discussing the phenomena with Ms. Kendrick in the first floor lobby (the building is 2-story). There was no one at the second floor elevator call button, or at the first floor call button, when all of a sudden the elevator door slammed open and slammed shut. Naturally this happened when all of our equipment was packed away (you’ve never seen 5 paranormal investigators unpack so fast in your life). Pete Haviland re-opened the door by pressing the call button and the door slid open slowly. Pete stepped in and felt a brief cold spot in one corner. Katie Phillips followed him in with an EMF detector, but the detector revealed nothing abnormal. Pete Haviland rode the elevator back up to the second floor. When the door opened he caught a fleeting glimpse of a hispanic woman wearing a denim shirt. The other investigators were on their way up the stairs at that time. We then tested the elevator’s normal function. When the car arrives at a floor, the door opens before the car comes to a complete stop, thus there’s a bit of a bounce when the door opens. There was no such movement when the door opened on its own.

Second visit:
We arrived on the Saturday before Halloween with KPRC reporter Brendan Keefe. As he was interviewing Katie Phillips, he asked if it were possible that the DJs were just seeing things. At that point, a camera bag on a table in the background fell off of the table. The bag had been sitting there for 10 minutes or more, and Katie felt the room temperature behind her dropping rapidly. Ten minutes later, Mr. Keefe was interviewing various members and preparing to re-enact the elevator incident mentioned above. He, his camera man, and 4 members of Lone Star Spirits were standing in front of the second floor elevator door at this time when suddenly the door began to open and shut repeatedly. When the broadcast went out, that was NOT a re-enactment that viewers saw. We also noticed an EMF spike in the middle of the hallway in the accounting department, and the spike coincided with some of our cameras failing.

Photographs taken on both visits revealed nothing unusual, but based on what we witnessed on both occasions, we are fairly certain that KLOL is haunted. Repeated tests on the elevator failed to produce the kind of malfunction that we witnessed on both investigations. If you would like to see the broadcast that went out on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Halloween ’99, contact KPRC at

Fort Bend County House

WE FREQUENTLY RECEIVE requests for additional information regarding some of the locations we’ve investigated. Please do not ask for additional information about this investigation. We are not at liberty to provide any identifying information about the location or people involved (other than our own team). The people involved have asked us not to identify them or their location in any way.

The house itself is over a century old, judging by the architecture. It appears to have been added on to several times. The land is apparently some kind of flood plane and the house sits on a hill in the middle of it. A waterway runs nearby and it has been known to flood in that region, especially in the 1800s and early 1900s. During the 1980’s or early 90’s 2 boys were fishing from a bridge upstream from the location and fell into the water. Their bodies were found washed up on the property several days later. During the 19th century the land was the site of several civil disputes that amounted to county wars.

We set up a tape recorder inside the house by reaching through an opening in an external wall. The deteriorated condition of the house prohibited us from entering at this time. Not all photos are in yet, but 2 photos revealed orbs, one outside and one inside.

click images to enlarge and read descriptions: