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How to Start a Ghost Group

This is a very common question and there are some basic guidelines that you can follow. First: if you are going to gather your group from the internet like we did, there are some serious safety issues to consider: Designate … Continue reading

About EVP

EVP IS ONE OF THE HARDEST PIECES of evidence to acquire, and one of the most exciting. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena (for those who didn’t already know). What is EVP? Essentially, true EVP is the audio recording of … Continue reading

Religion in Investigations

THIS IS A RATHER CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECT which many investigators don’t discuss very often, probably due to its explosive nature. Allow me to preface this entire article by saying: “Lone Star Spirits does not endorse one religion in particular as a … Continue reading

Investigators Toolbox

The Bare Minimum: 35 MM Camera w/at least 400-speed film (800 – 1000 works better outdoors) Extra film and batteries for the camera Flashlight w/spare batteries Notebook w/pens and pencils and log sheets or hand held tape recorder Electromagnetic field … Continue reading

On-site Protection

PROTECTION OF ONE’S SELF at a site is paramount. You have to know that not only are you dealing with the scientific end of ghost hunting, but also the spiritual side as well. There is a process called binding, and … Continue reading

Typical Haunting Phenomena

WE GET THIS QUESTION A LOT. “What are the symptoms of a haunting?” There are many. This is a list of perceptual symptoms (as opposed to measurements taken with an EMF meter or IR thermometer). Visual: This is by far … Continue reading

What to Expect from an Investigation

What a client can expect during a Lone Star Spirits investigation: Step 1: Contact us Step 2: You will receive a reply from one of our members within 48 hours. We will ask some standard questions, please don’t take it personal. Step … Continue reading