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Ghosts of Galveston

PROLOGUE You are enjoying a moonlit stroll on a sandy beach. To your right, the waves are lapping gently at the shore. To your left, and immense wall towers over you, separating you from the clamoring traffic in the city … Continue reading

The UT Tower

One of the most frustrating parts of maintaining the locations section of the Lone Star Spirits web site is that there are so many locations that are likely to be haunted – by the nature of their very history. The … Continue reading

La Llorana

When I added the search box to the web site, I had no idea what a valuable tool it would become. It’s one way to find out what our visitors want, because it tracks all the keywords searched for. Our … Continue reading

Urban Legends as Big as Texas

La Llorana (la yo-RAH-nah) This tale dates back centuries and has made its way up from Mexico to as far as New York City. The name is Spanish for “The Weeping Woman.” Here is the tale as I originally heard … Continue reading

About EVP

EVP IS ONE OF THE HARDEST PIECES of evidence to acquire, and one of the most exciting. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena (for those who didn’t already know). What is EVP? Essentially, true EVP is the audio recording of … Continue reading

Typical Haunting Phenomena

WE GET THIS QUESTION A LOT. “What are the symptoms of a haunting?” There are many. This is a list of perceptual symptoms (as opposed to measurements taken with an EMF meter or IR thermometer). Visual: This is by far … Continue reading

Beware Fake Ghost Photos

  Free iPhone app that folks can add fake ghosts to real photos. (I busted a bar out here using it!) See the little girl at the bottom middle? I’ve seen her show up in a few photos from different … Continue reading


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