• We can only accept requests from the owner, renter or other person with the authority to grant entry to the property
  • Include your name
  • Include a full description of the phenomena that you are experiencing
  • Tell us what city/town you are in or near
  • Include a telephone number and hours that we can contact you


  • Send a 3″ X 5″ print to the address above
  • Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the print to be returned. No prints will be returned without an SASE.
  • Send us a signed note explaining the circumstances at the time that the pic was taken, including camera model and film speed.
  • Verify that the phenomena is visible in the negative
  • If you would like for us to add it to our site, include the phrase:
    I hereby grant Lone Star Spirits permission to place this image on their web site. I acknowledge that “posting” of this image does not constitute endorsement or verification by Lone Star Spirits, and I indemnify Lone Star Spirits and hold them harmless if my copyright is violated by a third party. I certify that I am the originator and copyright owner of the enclosed photograph.


  • Scan your image and set your dimensions so that the largest one is less than 3 inches.
  • Convert your file to a jpeg or gif image. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A BITMAP IMAGE. We will be happy to help you with this, if you need assistance with your image editing software.
  • Attach the image file to a message containing the circumstances at the time that the image was captured, including camera model and film speed.
  • If you would like for us to add it to our site, include the phrase:
    “I hereby grant Lone Star Spirits permission to place this image on their web site. I acknowledge that “posting” of this image does not constitute endorsement or verification by Lone Star Spirits, and I indemnify Lone Star Spirits and hold them harmless if my copyright is violated by a third party. I certify that I am the originator and copyright owner of the enclosed photograph.”
  • The sum of all the sizes of all files sent per day may not exceed 200 kilobytes
  • The web master may delete any message of a size greater than 200 kilobytes without reading it or evaluating the images
  • Verify that the phenomena is visible in the negative, or state that the pic was taken with a digital camera
  • If there was any phenomena at the time the photo was taken, or if the location has a history of unusual phenomena, please let us know.


  • We only accept locations that are accessible to the public. Cemeteries may be submitted, but will probably never be listed for their own protection
  • Include the name of the locale, the city/town/county where it is located and what phenomena occurs there
  • If you know the history, please include that
  • Please check our current list to be sure that the location is not already listed
  • The haunted tracks are in San Antonio.
  • The “Weeping Woman” or the “Crier” is La Llorana. She is all over the state (all over N America, really), and we would be interested to know any legends and locations you know of.
  • This information may be sent through snail mail or e-mail
  • Be sure to include a return address (e-mail or snail mail) for our files


  • Include as much information as you can remember
  • Include a return address (e-mail or snail mail) for our files
  • If you would like your story posted, include the phrase:
    “You may post this story on your web site”



Q: What is a ghost?
A: Simple question, complicated answer. A true ghost is the soul of a deceased creature. Other kinds of entities include poltergeists, residual energies and elementals.

Q: What’s a poltergeist?
A: One way that you might describe them would be – a personal ghost, although there’s no definitive evidence to indicate that they are the souls of deceased creatures. Their primary characteristic is that they have a favorite person. They could also be a form of telekinesis. They normally appear when a girl goes through puberty.

Q: What’s residual energy?
A: If you have an entity that does not interact with the living – just does the same thing over and over again, you have residual energy. There is nothing intelligent behind it. It’s a leftover from a repeated or highly emotional activity.

Q: What’s an elemental?
A: The Judeo-Christian terms are “Angel” and “Demon.” They are intelligent entities that have never been alive. FYI – your chances of running into the latter during an investigation are too small to measure.

Q: What’s a cold-spot?
A: A cold spot occurs when an entity drains thermal energy from an area in order to accomplish some form of manifestation. In other words, they suck up all the heat to get the energy to throw a book across a room.

Q: What are some symptoms of a haunting?
A: Check out our article Typical Phenomena here. It’s not a complete list, as hauntings are as individual as people, but it’s a pretty good starter list. You may find some of the things you are experiencing on this list.



Q: I read (insert story here) and I would like to talk to the person who gave it to you. What’s their e-mail address?
A: We do not give out e-mail addresses without gaining permission first. It would be much easier if you asked us to forward your address to the person who wrote the story. Contact us at

Q: I have a story that I think you might like. What do I do?
A: Please have as many of the specifics as possible (names are not necessary). Please contact us at



Q: Oh, my God! I didn’t realize that (insert location here) was haunted! Where did you get your information?
A: Books, the internet, and viewers. I recommend checking out the books in our book store, and the links in the Texas section of the links page.

Q: You don’t have (insert location here) listed! Everyone knows about that ghost! Why isn’t it listed?
A: Probably because all the people who know about it haven’t contacted us. Please get the location (public only) and the phenomena and as much of the history as possible and contact us at

Q: Why isn’t my hometown listed?
A: We’ve got over 100 cities and towns listed, but we can’t list them all unless someone gives us enough information about a haunting in each town. I’d love to be able to tell you about the ghosts in your hometown, but I may be limited by the fact that no one has told me yet.

Q: Where are the Ghost Tracks?
A: Sorry, we don’t answer that one any more. There have been way too many problems for the people in the neighborhood, there was never a train wreck at that location, there were no children killed there and the cars are rolling downhill in 99.99% of the cases (if not all of them – I have yet to hear from anyone who can eliminate all “normal” causes). Also, the prints on the bumpers were there before the powdering in 99.99% of all cases (again, if not all of them, no one has come forward yet who can eliminate all “normal” causes). These are the facts of the case, regardless of what the media has put forward.



Q: Can I accompany you guys on an investigation?
A: Normally we do not allow non-members to investigate with us for the simple reason that it gets too confusing for everyone and the potential liability is too high. From time-to-time we do start or get involved in publicly accessible events and we post information about those through the TXPIN list and the LSSUpdate list.

Q: There is something going on at (insert location here), can you investigate?
A: Unless it’s more than a weekend trip, probably, if certain conditions are met. First, you have to be the owner or renter of the property, or otherwise in a position to grant us legal permission to enter the premises. We will not conduct an investigation if we don’t have permission first. Second, contact us through the information here and ask for an investigation. Third, be prepared to answer a lot of questions and have half a dozen people over with lots of equipment.

Q: How much do you charge for an investigation?
A: $0.00. We do everything in our power to avoid having to ask for expense reimbursements. It would have to be a rare circumstance for our team to request anything in return.

Q: What areas do you investigate?
A: We’re open to anything new. We are not limited to the Houston area (by a long shot). We’ve covered the entire eastern half of the state, and ventured into the north and central areas. Towns we have covered include Austin, Beaumont, Galveston, Mineral Wells, Goliad, Llano, Blanco (Devil’s Backbone), Lockhart, Wichita Falls, Waxahachie, Dallas and of course Houston.

Q: What does an investigation involve?
A: Read our article What to Expect During and Investigation here.


I want to join!

Q: How do I join Lone Star Spirits?
A: We truly wish we could accept everyone who wanted to join, but we just don’t have the time to manage a team of that size. Each of us puts in 40-60+ hours every week at another job, which limits our time to after dinner and weekends. The best way is to sign the guestbook at When openings occur, we look at the oldest Houston records in that list and send inquiries out on a first-com-first-served basis. Another benefit to that list is that some organizations have started by someone contacting another person on that list. If you are not in the Houston area, you can contact us through the information here and ask about investigators in your area, we have a list of Texas investigators.

If your career or educational major has given you some level of expertise in either a scientific research field or general investigations (i.e. police work/crime scene investigation), we have been known to make exceptions to address areas of concern.

One more thing, if you are under 21 years of age, please contact us for membership/sign the list when you have reached at least 20 years. The nature of some of our investigations keeps us out past local curfews, and anyone under 21 is restricted on where they can go. For example: there’s a lot of activity at the bar/behind the bar in the Ale House – anyone under 21 would not be allowed on such an investigation due to alcoholic beverage laws.

I hope that this hasn’t dashed anyone’s hopes. I have been on the receiving end of messages like this and it stinks, but I wasn’t given the option of contacting anyone else in Houston to start a group, or getting on any kind of waiting list. We try to help fledgling groups get started and encourage fledgling investigators to contact us with any questions that they might have.


How do I…

Q: Start a new group?
A: Look up people in your area that signed the guestbook at and contact them. A few words of caution: do not assume anything about anyone you meet over the internet; meet them in public until you know them; bring a friend/significant other/family member with you when you meet them; let your friends/family know who you are meeting, when, where and what time you should be back.

Q: Get equipment?
A: That used to be a complicated answer, but we’ve got just about everything a beginning to intermediate ghost hunter could want on our site. Just go to our store for books, videos, equipment and supplies. Lone Star Spirits has partnered with and LessEMF to bring the information and equipment to you. Lone Star Spirits does get a portion of the proceeds from most of the sales (some Amazon products have no return for us, but are listed for the convenience of our viewers).

Q: Find leads?
A: Start with books and the internet. If you should be lucky enough to get a web site up and running, you may start getting leads through that avenue. If you do put up a web site, be sure to send us the URL so that we can link to you.

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