Peter Haviland – President and Lead Investigator
Peter has been investigating the paranormal for over 25 years in Houston, Texas and the surrounding cities of Texas. He and his team, Lone Star Spirits have been documented in many books, newspapers, and local/national radio and television. Peter has worked on many projects with his fellow colleagues over the years in support of television projects and research on cases.
Peter is often asked to help fellow investigators on cases or consult on cases that colleagues may be having difficulties on. Peter’s natural sense of humor has been enjoyed by many during the conventions and school speaking events he and his team have been invited to. Peter is also an advanced certified clinical hypnotherapist and obtained his certification from Dr. Ed Martin and Cheryl Martin of The PATH Foundation. Through Dr. Ed Martin and his mentor Loyd Auerbach is where Peter gets his understanding and practice of Parapsychology and how it relates to the human condition and paranormal events. Peter has been in practice since 2002 and has an office in Houston.

Fellow member ASPR
Researcher/Rep South East Texas with the AGS
Member of Paranormal Research Organization
Researcher for Office of Paranornal Investigations

Tom Kennedy – V. President and Lead Investigator
Tom has a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Psychology from Houston Baptist University. He is currently the Senior Chemist at ISGAS, Inc. in Houston, Texas. A native Houstonian, he grew up in and around the television/production industry because of his fathers 40 years in the busines. So he now excels in technical issues about cameras, lighting, etc. Coming from a scientific background, he is on the  skeptical side of the paranormal – he tried to find any kind of logical explanations for phenomena experienced. But has witnessed several events which can not be explained very easily. He believes that most phenomena may in fact be generated by the living. “The human brain is a very powerful and mysterious organ that we are only now beginning to understand.”

Johnny Garcia – ITC Tech and Lead Investigator
Over 8 years experience working in the field of Environmental Safety at the Texas Medical Center in Houston Texas. He is also pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Houston. After receiving his honorable discharge from the U.S. military in 2000, he spent 2 years as a private investigator and has booked thousands of hours using various video and audio recording equipment to catch wrong doer’s in the act. A native Texan with a very strong interest in Texas history, he witnessed his first apparition as a young boy in San Angelo, Texas and has been interested in the paranormal since then. He has been with Lone Star Spirits since 2001.

James Casey – C.A.S.P.E.R. Tech
James has an Associates in Applied Science and is currently studying computer science and minor in geology at Sam Houston State University. He works as a correctional officer in Huntsville Texas. He is also an author and musician that enjoys working in anything that deals with science, history,  and  experimentation. He has a strong history background in the paranormal and has worked with MESA, American Ghost Society and many other groups in the paranormal field. James has traveled from all over the country studying the paranormal and helping families better understand the ideas of a haunting. He feels his purpose in science is to show scientific proof and factual evidence that there is such thing as ghosts or unknown energies. He uses his machine C.A.S.P.E.R. and many other data scientific sensors and audio equipment to provide evidence that there is activity going on in a haunted location. James works with LSSPI as a computer scientific data analyst and experimental researcher in audio, video and photography. When not working with the paranormal James is spending time with his family, fishing, studying, writing or playing music.

Rebecca Kennedy – Videographer – Technician

Rebecca is an artist and has a healthy skepticism when it comes to investigating hauntings. She brings a unique and distinct view of things because of her work as an artist – this enables her to catch things that the normal eye may miss. Rebecca has been with LSSPI since 2008.

Walter Lemiska – Structural Tech
I currently work as a maintenance supervisor for Continental Airlines. I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal after listening to stories by my mother and grandmother. My grandparents were from Italy and my grandfather bought old house and fixed them up for resale as a way to support the family. Several of the homes in Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ had interesting stories with them. These stories fascinated me and sparked my interest in the field. I was formerly a member of the Ghost Hunters Society of NJ, but as moved with my job, I had to find another group with similar interests. Luckily I found Pete with Lone Star who accepted me into the fold. I am currently an investigator with Lone Star, concentrating on structural and environmental issue which may have a bearing on any findings in the course of an investigation.

Angela Mohle – Director of Research
Angla has a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Education and English from HBU. She teaches English I to freshmen at Elsik Ninth Grade Center and believes it’s important to promote the concept of a lifetime of learning. She is a native Houstonian and has a very strong interest in local history. And is also a huge Texas history buff and loves spending hours among the dusty stacks of the Houston Public Library’s Texas Room. Angela has extensive experience researching for school, work and pastime, so becoming LSSPI’s Lead Researcher was a natural fit. She has had an interest in the paranormal and has been actively pursuing answers for many years. Hobbies include creative and non-fiction writing, painting, ceramics, cars, anything in nature and gardening.

Katherine Collins –  Family Assessment
Kat has lived in Houston for the over 20 years, originally from California. She is married to a wonderful and understanding husband and has four amazing children. Her interest in the paranormal stems from unexplained experiences she has had. She is, however a true skeptic at heart. She views haunting activity first from a scientific aspect, exhausting all possibilities before declaring something to be paranormal. Her desire is to help those experiencing strange phenomenon better understand what is happening. She has a deep faith in Christ, which keeps her spiritually grounded. Kat has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s of Education in Educational Psychology. She specializes in college admissions, and college transition issues, and has advanced certification in the Birkman Method Assessment. She is a member of the Texas Association of College Admissions Counselors, AERA, and APA.

Richard Grogan – Photographic Consultant
Richard is from Lake Charles, Louisana. He is a photographer, electronics technician, audio engineer and a musician. He has had a serious photographic interest since he was 15 years old and built his first darkroom in 1978. He has been working with LSSPI since 2004 and can tell the authenticity of submitted photos of paranormal activities. See his photography website at RPG Photographic Services  Richard received his 1st Class Radiotelephone License (FCC) in 1977. He has also owned and operated 3 commercial recording studios in Houston since 1980.

Diane Gremmel – Medium
Diane Gremmel is a psychic, medium and teacher who has done thousands of readings over the past thirty years. She has been able to connect with spirits since her childhood, and feels that this is a gift that everyone can learn to develop. Diane currently teaches classes in psychic development at the Houston ,Texas offices of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.Center, and is an avid supporter of and participant in paranormal research. Diane has made numerous appearances on radio and television, including the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Stories,” Fox Morning Show, ABC News in Houston and the Live Well Network.

Carolyn Haviland – Investigator

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