Old Towne Spring

MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT Uncle Charlie who haunts Wunsche Brothers Cafe, but we went to Old Towne Spring seeking the unknown spirits. We found them.

Spring began in the late 1800s as a railroad town. The depot that was once there is gone, but the tracks are still in use. During the 70s the Spring Cafe began serving hamburgers that drew people from Houston and points farther away. Before too long, an enterprising young person got the bright idea to open a gift shop next door to give people something to do during their 1 hour+ wait. And the shopping district known as Old Towne Spring was born. Very few of the buildings on these streets are original to their location, but most are well over a century old and were relocated from nearby farms and towns. I will cover the ghosts location-by-location.

White Hall: White Hall is one of the few structures that is original. During the early half of this century it was the Klein Funeral Home. During this period a pair of lovers were killed in an auto accident and their bodies were brought here. It is said that you can see them on the balcony sometimes. Our investigation yielded nothing on the still camera, but the infrared video caught an orb moving out of a fireplace and out of the frame. Apparently this same fireplace is the entrance to a secret room that has either been sealed, or everyone has forgotten how to open it.

Thyme Square: In the back of Thyme Square is the Civil War Museum, and on an annual basis, a battle is re-enacted nearby. Apparently ghostly phenomena occurs during these re-enactment’s. During the investigation, psychic Lorraine Ross detected the spirit of a disfigured Civil War Veteran in the square, just watching us. One still photo taken at this time revealed an orb.

Spring Souvenir/Shirley’s Cat House: we were told that this building was original when we first examined it, but after interviewing the man who moved most of the buildings there, apparently it is not. This information was corroborated by Lorraine Ross. The inhabitants claim the ghost of a little girl, but both Lorraine and Dean Phillips detected the presence of an older girl who was murdered in the building. In separate “readings” they gave similar information that leads us to believe that she had seen something she shouldn’t have and was trying to escape her assailant when he caught and killed her. We will attempt to discover where this structure came from.

Puffabelly’s: This depot was originally located in Lovelady, TX. During its time as an active depot, two trains came down the same tracks headed in opposite directions. The signalman tried to warn the nearest by running out onto the tracks but he slipped and fell onto them and was decapitated by the train. His body was brought into the depot, and for years his ghost was reported on the tracks in Lovelady. When the depot moved, he may have come with it. Photos are not yet developed, but during our most recent investigation unusual shadows were spotted in the second floor window. The story we got may be no more than urban legend (certainly sounds like one), so we will give you new information as we find it.

Zwink House: This house was originally located off of Stuebner-Airline about 4 miles from its current location. It is undergoing restoration and currently sits out on the lot behind Puffabelly’s. Legend has it that at least one murder has occurred in the house, but this is merely legend. Our own senses seem to tell us that murder is just the beginning. We have been given the names of some descendants of the family that built this house and will probably have more information at a later date, but here’s how the investigation went.

1st investigation: We remained outside the house. Pete caught several moving orbs in a still photo of the woodpile next to it.

2nd investigation: We still remained outside the house. Pete caught moving orbs on the infrared camera. No camera was taking a picture and the flashlight had been turned off. Lorraine Ross did a reading on the house and detected more than one death, one of a child of a snake bite, the other of a college student having an illicit affair with the owner’s wife. She gave other details about the house’s history which have been confirmed by the man who relocated the house.

3rd investigation: We entered the house (with permission!!). Dean Phillips, Pete Haviland and David Zacher attempted to ascend the stairs into the second level. When Dean reached to top of the stairs he scanned it with the infrared camera and then took several still. Or at least he tried to. He took three and then the camera refused to focus. Tow of the 3 he took revealed orbs. His foot began sinking through the floor and they came back down. We then left and placed 2 tape recorders near openings in the building. One recorder caught an anomalous whistle. While discussing what to do next we noticed a shadow in the second floor window, watching us. Photographs taken at the time revealed several orbs and at least one mist.

4th investigation: We entered the house again. This time we left a tape recorder in the house and captured the sound of something falling in the building. There are other unusual noises on the tape but we are in the process of ruling out natural causes. Photos are now available.

Rose’s Cafe: There is a rocking chair in the cafe that reportedly rocks by itself. A friend of the owner died in the chair. The chair is not on runners, it uses an old spring assembly to rock. At times the owner would find the chair tilted as far back as it would go without tipping, as if someone was kicking back in it, then the chair would flop forward as if that person had just stood up to say hello. The chair now sits against the wall so that it can’t rock and scare the guests. Also, the keyless deadbolt will lock itself when no one is in the building. It’s an old lock and needs grease, so it wouldn’t accidentally slip into the locked position. In fact, it takes some effort to actuate it. During our investigation we secured the building from the outside and left a video camera recording in the front room. It was focused on a table and chair with assorted items placed on them hoping to catch poltergeist activity. A piece of paper did get flicked as if someone had just walked by, but even more amazing, we caught the sound of the deadbolt actuating. Over and over it was locked and unlocked, locked and unlocked. Several times during our investigation of Old Towne Spring the owner of Rose’s has had his ghost lock him out in this manner.

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