Poppet’s Way

MOST OF YOU MAY BE familiar with the history of the Newport Subdivision and the street called “Poppet’s Way” in Crosby. For those who aren’t, here is a synopsis:

Until the 1960’s or 70’s the land was owned by one family. They had been plantation owners prior to the Civil War, and had free blacks for hired hands afterward. The owners deeded a few acres of land for their hands to use as a burial ground. When the property was sold, the burial plots were sold with it, and the seller apparently made no mention of the potter’s field to the buyer. Eyewitness testimony also exists that implies that the buyer should have known of its existence any way. Apparently when they cleared the land they bulldozed several wooden crosses and a picket fence. The first people to put a house above the old cemetery were Ben and Jean Williams. They noticed the strange sink holes in their backyard, but thought nothing of it. They endured strange insect infestations and animal behavior, then they began to see and be chased by black forms. When their neighbors unearthed 2 bodies while digging a swimming pool, they realized what was going on. They have since moved out of the state and written a book about their experience called the “Black Hope Horror.”

Our first investigation began late on the 14th of November, 1998. When we found the correct end of the street, we noticed a negativity that was not present elsewhere in the subdivision. We proceeded into the woods beyond the barracade at the east end of the street. about 200 yards into the woods we spotted one of the black figures reported by the Williamses. The only way to describe it is black-on-black. Terri Higgins and Dean Phillips were standing only about 10 feet from it but they didn’t spot it. Pete Haviland, Nichole Dobrowolski and Katie Phillips spotted it immediatly. Pete made eye-contact with it and felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. He, Nichole and Katie immediately left the area. By the time they had reached the street Pete was doubled-over in pain. We left soon afterwards. Pete’s photographs revealed 2 hazy black figures, and they would be posted here but they don’t scan well. He nicknamed them Bob Duckandcover and Bob Jr.

Our second investigation was conducted during the Christmas season with Dean, Katie, Nichole and her husband, Jeff. We did not see, sense or document any paranormal phenomena at that time.

Our third investigation occured a month later. Present were Dean, Katie and Terri, and the black figures were back. Katie spotted several of them circling the group as soon as the sun began to set. Then she noticed Dean standing stock-still, staring at something. She turned to see what he was staring at and spotted 2 of them staring back at him. Neither said a word at that time. Later comparison of notes revealed that they had seen the exact same thing. Dean left to borrow Terri’s camera to photograph them and when he returned they had ducked behind some foliage. Terri’s photographs revealed nothing unusual. Katie’s camera malfunctioned during the investigation. We left soon afterwards.

Current residents claim no paranormal activity in their homes, but we have been contacted by one person who lived across the street from the old Williams home and she said she constantly felt as though she was being watched. We have also been contacted by a peace officer who used to patrol the area. According to him, the agency responsible for keeping the peace in the Newport Subdivision sometimes gets false alarms from the homes on the east end of Poppet’s Way. They’ll respond to the call only to find no one in the house, nothing amiss and the television set turning itself on and off.

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