Santa Fe Residence

SANTE FE, TX ~ This was brought to our attention by member David Zacher. The residents are his relatives. Activity reported includes moving objects, apparitions, defacement of “prayer candles”, phantom footsteps, and the general heebie-jeebies in parts of the property. David’s grandfather lives with them and has been diagnosed with a mental disorder. They also have 2 pre- or early- teenaged boys living in the home. They are the first owners of the home and there were no structures on the land prior to their home. During the period of colonization the area was the stomping grounds of the Karankawa Indians, a cannibalistic tribe. Research into their habits has revealed that they would prolong the death of their captives, resulting in a torturous death. There are a few other possible causes for the residence to be haunted. in short, to find the source of the phenomena, just give us a dart board.

Pete Haviland, Carolyn Phinny, and David Zacher were present for the first investigation. EVP was captured during this investigation and Pete heard the footsteps coming down the hall. During the night Pete entered the bathroom and saw that the floor was clear. Moments later he heard something fall in there and returned to find a dry bar of soap in the middle of the floor.

Katie, Dean, Pete, Carolyn and David were present for the second investigation. More EVP and Photos were captured. Katie found a necklace that appeared in the middle of the bathroom floor in the same manner as the soap in the first investigation. David witnessed a piece of dinnerware slide from the back of the cupboard, over the lip, and on to the counter. We were not able to verify that the cabinet was properly leveled, however it would have to have been severely off-kilter for the dish to slide past the lip, and it did not appear to be so severely slanted.

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