Spaghetti Warehouse

WE HAVE VISITED the Spaghetti Warehouse twice in the past year. There are several stories about the history of the location on Commerce street in downtown Houston. Until recent decades the building served as a pharmaceutical warehouse, and before that was a cotton storage facility. The structure itself is over a century old. According to tradition, the owner of the pharmaceutical warehouse was working late one night, and was somehow killed in the elevator. The tradition also says that his wife comes back looking for him.

Most of the activity is limited to the second floor. Busboys, waiters and dishwashers have reported table arrangements changing spontaneously, dishes and silverware flying off of the racks in the kitchen, and a lady in white. Late night crews sometimes feel that they are being watched from the second floor stairs. Employees there, also reports that chairs will be stacked on top of the tables nearly all the way up to the cieling.

Our first investigation provided only one photograph of mist in the elevator. Our second trip, about 9 months later, provided us with an anomalous EMF spike to around 5 in the middle of a small second floor dining room. A picture taken at that time came back with a vortex. A second spike in the main dining area on the second floor prompted another photograph, and the photo contained another vortex.

LSS spent the night at Spaghetti Warehouse on October 31, 2003 along with FM radio station 93 Q-Country. They wanted to help us document the paranormal activity that has been reported at this restaurant for quite a while, and so we paired up with them and gave them a crash course on paranormal evidence gathering. On our team, one of our psychics (who is very talented and gifted) could feel several presence’s at different times of the evening on the second floor. When we had all our equipment up and running, we took a tour of the building. One of our techs escorted two of 93 Q’s dj’s all over the building, including the roof.

By the end of the tour, they were pretty sure, that something was there, watching them. By morning, we all had experienced something not of this world, photos, videos and tapes are still being reviewed.

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