ANYONE WHO HAS HEARD tales of Galveston’s ghosts has probably heard one of the many legends surrounding Ewing Hall on the UTMB campus. Sometimes the legend is of a captain who owned the land and lost everything in The Storm. Others say the owner was enraged at his kids for selling the land to UTMB, and his face haunts the building. It also supposedly moves from panel to panel whenever the university sandblasts it. Well, we can discount that first legend right now. The area where Ewing Hall stands was in the bay in 1900. In the late 60s they essentially dumped a lot of dirt into the bay to make land, and put a building on top of it. We have not found any indication that the land had any prior owners before UTMB, although background research continues.

Psychic Pat Rickard detected some crimes happening on the property and she got a name or two. We do not know that the names are connected with any crimes and we will not disclose them under any circumstances (so do not ask please, I will just have to tell you, “no.” No exceptions).

I do want to stress that Lone Star Spirits was there with the permission of UTMB, accompanied by a member of their PR staff. When the university asked us to leave later that night, we left without hesitation. In the early 1990’s, one nurse died trying to see the face, and we do not feel that it is worth your life to look at a face on the side of a building. There are many more interesting spirits on Galveston Island that you can visit without risking life and limb.

This is the image that aired on KPRC-TV Channel 2 in Houston, TX on May 7, 2001. Nothing has been added to it, it has been washed through a contrast filter and the area of the face itself has been blurred to remove some graininess. This is what people are literally dying to see, unfortunately. It is definitely a human face though.

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